Sunday May 28, 2023


Most frequent questions and answers about The Headies

The Headies (formerly Hip Hop World Awards) debuted in 2006 and has become one of Nigeria’s most anticipated annual entertainment Award event.

Winners are arrived at either through voting by the public for categories opened to voting. Or through critical and in-depth analysis by the members of the Headies Jury.

Two. The voting and the non-voting category.

The voting categories are those opened to the public to vote for their preferred nominee either via sms or online voting. While the non-voting categories are those categories that require technical and indepth analysis by members of the Headies’ Jury.

This is the period (usually 12 months) that determines nominations. Only music materials released within the year-in-review are eligible for nominations, either as an audio or video material.

Yes. Any artiste or their works can be nominated in more than one category. Hence, an artiste can also win in more than one category they’ve been nominated in.

Visit or follow all our social media handles (Twitter – @the_Headies); (Instagram – @The_Headies) and (Facebook – The Headie Plaque). Or visit The Headies secretariat at – 4, Ogundana Drive, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

The plaque depicts the image and the shout of a young, vibrant individual whose talent can be challenge that of renowned local and international artistes combined, but who has almost lost confidence in his abilities in the face of discouraging circumstances presented by the peculiar Nigerian environment.

The Headie is the name given to the Headie’s gold plaque.

The image of the Headies was conceptualized by Ayo Animashaun and drawn by Matthias Aragbada.

The present Headie plaque is a mixture of resin, copper, steel, marble and gold.